First steps

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So, I have my original certificate of adoption (or whatever one may call it), and it is somewhat interesting.  I like the vintage look to it, but it also reminds me of how ephemeral things can be.  I do not want this piece of paper to deteriorate, nor do I want to solely have it’s image on my computer.  I like holding it, it is a tangible part of my past.  That, and my stuffed rabbit velvet.  Both are from the beginning of my life, for the most part.

I will attach an image or two of it so you can see what it looks like.

I wonder… my parents were both short, according to this.  I am basically six feet.  Me and a lot of my friends seem to be taller than our parents.  I wonder if my children will be seven feet tall if I feed them right.

One thing we have in common is being introspective at times, who isn’t though.  「 I am trying to not use conjunctions, but ‘who is not though’ does not sound right in the context of ‘who isn’t though’ 」Interesting.  Her father died of T.B., tuberculosis, and I have latent tuberculosis.  Yes, perhaps there is a correlation…Good to know.  Yup.

A day after my birthday I was sent to the 진주 branch for adoption, pretty quick turnaround 엄마.   Sooner than later, right on.  I feel ya.  Studies are important, so I will take mine seriously as well.

I guess I never made the weight gain.  I made the height, but not the weight.  I have always been lighter than my friends.  Those who are of all heights seem to be heavier than I, except those real skinny guys.

정숙자, thank you.  I hope that you are still doing well, I figure you are 67 at this point.

I received an e-mail from my adoption service yesterday.  I made it pretty clear what I wanted in my initial e-mail to them, hopefully they will be able to help me.  The e-mail was asking what I wanted from them, so, I will make my request a second time.  Third, actually.  A few years ago I started this process, I can’t recall why I did not finish it though.

Hm.  I have to give a speech in speech class soon, not bad not bad.  I hope I do not sweat, usually I am fine talking in front of people.  I will think of it as a conversation with the class, a one way conversation.  Not so one way, because body language is a language, isn’t it?

Okay, stay well.  I am going to try to limit how much I post, so it isn’t all bullshit.  I want this to be a more legitimate blog, not a twitter feed.  There is twitter for that….. #ohreally

wait, one last thing.  I searched 정우수 on facebook and added a random person, he sort of looks like me and seems to be the right age.  Chances of this being my 아버지 (I will use Korean to reduce ambiguity), pretty slim.


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