Relax without l…

Relax without laziness
Focus without tension
Perceive without projecting
Witness without judging
Enjoy without craving
Reflect without imagining
Love without condition
Give without demanding
Receive without possessing
Serve without self-seeking
Challenge without dominating
Meditate without identity
Correct without blaming
Overcome without pride
Laugh without cynicism
Cry without pity
Confront without hatred
Guide without superiority
Be without self-defining
Live without arrogance
Enter without self-importance
Depart without regret
Be one with God

The quote is by Mooji


I will focus on one thing a month, day by day.

For now I will focus on relaxing without laziness, simply because it is the first on the list.

I will apply this practice to my mornings when I wake up.  I can have a relaxing morning without being lazy and laying in bed forever.  I have actually been doing fairly well at this, granted the last two days I have gotten out of bed an hour or so later than intended.


Back to my homework for now.






One thing is on my mind..  why did I start a blog?

I definitely think this will benefit me in terms of becoming more articulate, perhaps it will sharpen my vernacular as well.


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