Frank… *smh*

my only


As I offer Kunsang the Doritos she just sighs and shakes her head, lightly she expels “frank” from her lungs…  all as she reaches in and takes a chip.  Yup, I am the corrupter.  Laugh out loud, I did.  Too funny, she is.

As I bite my tongue, I’ve made the best choice without a say

Time to reflect on myself, and the hypocritical moments of the day

A chance to move on, so I let the past go

In the attempt to maintain a solid dharmic flow

So be it that one may get upset, yet until that one introspects what can they expect

The meaning behind what we say: Abstract

Pulling the strings of our hearts and minds, problems with language

Wish everything could be settled, by a pat on the back

It takes more after a tussle: verbal attack

Keeping track, as if preparing for a court case

What is the point, I am never going to win if I have been replaced

Keep the number one in that top place, or be nothing more or less than a familiar face

To study or to write, what a goddamn plight

Both could go well into the dead of the night

Screenplays stories etcera running through my cognitive web

So I lamely sit at my computer and add them to the internet

Art, it is awesome.  To be an artist must be exhilarating.  Relaxing and new, intention for days, racking through your mind in an artistic haze.


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